Communicating is the most difficult thing there is.

If you know how to do it.

Return On Ideas for 26 Years.

Manifesto was founded in 1995. We make people feel good about brands and places, online and offline. It’s simple as that, but it’s never been harder to make people tick. What do you want your market to feel about your brand?

Our working concept–Heart Direction–is perfect when it comes to involving people, hence we have extensive experience from place and property branding, e.g. Denmark’s nation brand, Turning Torso, and Copenhagen Malmö Port, to name but a few.

This site will continue in Swedish. For more company info in English, feel free to get in touch with Michael Nilsson. Mail:
Mobile: +46 732486186.

How To Be On Brand Online: The Digital Brand Manifesto is the title of our new book on digital branding, to be released by Letters Publishing in September 2021. Here is the trailer!